About Me


Jitesh Seth Thinker, Dreamer, soon to be Doer Hello and welcome to Diary of Jitesh. I am a 24-year-old guy from New Delhi, India, currently working as an Associate Data Scientist at DeepTek Inc, an AI company working in medical solutions. I work on validating our company's products in clinical settings. I am interested in social … Continue reading About Me

It’s Okay to Not Make Plans

This is more of a self affirmation rather than an advice. Today was a fun day. I had asked a couple of friends about weekend plans but nothing came out of it. I thought, nevermind. I'll just chill at home this Saturday. Then Saturday came around and I just felt like going out. I took … Continue reading It’s Okay to Not Make Plans


I have always loved comedy. Be it TV shows, movies, books, sketches, improv, drama, friendly banter, memes. All shapes and forms, literally. The one thing I am not confident about, however, is doing comedy myself—either writing or saying it out loud. I have, in fact, written comedy. In my first year of college, I wrote … Continue reading Comedy