About me


Hello. My name is Jitesh Seth, and welcome to Diary of Jitesh. I am a 23 year old guy from New Delhi, India, currently pursuing an integrated BS-MS from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, (IISER) Pune, batch of 2021 (unless coronavirus screws up with that). Though most of my subjects are from Biology, … Continue reading About me

Free Speech in India

This is probably my first blog post which handles a touchy subject, and I felt I couldn't write on this unless I have tens of perspectives about everything that is going on, everything our constitution protects, the limits of free speech, how India compares to other countries etc. However, this goes into "I can't do … Continue reading Free Speech in India

डायरी 2019

१ नमस्ते मित्रों! मेरा नाम डायरी है। मैं किसी भी सामान्य काॅपी कि तरह हूँ, पर मेरी खासियत यह है कि मैं लोगों के दिलों के ज़्यादा करीब रहता हूँ। मेरा नाता किसी एक इंसान से जुड़ जाता है, और फिर मैं उनके सीने से चिपका रहता हूँ। कई बार तो बाकी दुनिया को मेरे … Continue reading डायरी 2019

Hilary Cottam’s Radical Help and its radical effect on me

Recently, I have wanted to read more and more non-fiction. Despite loving fiction, I sometimes feel it is an escape from this complicated, unjust world, and that I should force myself to stay in reality. But it feels as though the reality is too difficult for my grasp. I don't understand how the economy works. … Continue reading Hilary Cottam’s Radical Help and its radical effect on me

Summarising “Reading Between The Lines of NEP”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCKg6o2mQyo On 11 August 2020, the organisation All India Forum for Right to Education (AIFRTE) held a webinar titled "Reading Between The Lines of NEP." Now, this is a 2-hour webinar that I sat through, listened, ruminated upon for a while. Then I thought that some of these points are worth revisiting, discussing, and remembering. … Continue reading Summarising “Reading Between The Lines of NEP”